State Land Bank Programme

بانک زمین



The State Land Bank Programme is designed to survey and record government land and public properties under government use. With the implementation of this national and development plan, goals such as preventing the usurpation of more state land, providing ground for the design and implementation of economic and development plans of the state, realization of infrastructure and public projects, land leasing to the private sector and The distribution of land to returnees, internally displaced persons, nomads and heirs of martyrs of the country's security and defense forces.

The practical work of the State Land Bank Program for the transportation of 2018 based on Decree No. 66 dated 8/13/2018 by the High Commission for the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Started in 28 provinces and pursued one year of work; about four million jeribs (800000 hectors) of land and state property; surveying, mapping and registering land banks. Of the total land owned by the State Land Bank has Registered so far; 18,000 jeribs (3600 hectors) of state owned land for the implementation of public-benefit projects of the government; and allocated 12500 jeribs (2500 hectors) of state-owned land for the resettlement of returnees, internally displaced persons and martyrs of the country's security and defense forces.