The Project of Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical Sites and Mosques

The project created in 2014 in order to pay attention to the historical and cultural significance, buildings and ancient civilization in the country.

Survey and research of the historical sites and possible threats, technical planning and designing of the documents of the historical sites’ project, arranging technical specification, arranging bell of work load, supervising projects under work, stabilization and documentation of sites and preparing database for historical sites in 34 provinces of the country are the main aims of the respected project.

The reconstruction of the historical sites, keeping in view the historical and cultural worth of work of previous generation, is more worthy than the other projects. Documentation and research of the historical sites and the actual identity transformation of our ancestor to the next generation are considered as high priority.

Through this project, up to now 7 historical sites are about to be restored and reconstructed which includes; Pol Kheshti and Bagh Bala-Kabul, Harm Srai-Kandahar, Great Mosque- Herat, the reconstruction work of Flag of Wazir Akbar Khan Hill, parliament Martyrs’ cemetery-Kabul and reconstruction of Holy Hirqa- Badakhshan. Moreover, 8 other projects are in the phase of research, planning and design in 9 provinces of the country.