Industrial Sector




The Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL prioritize supporting private sector for the purpose of industrial growth. In this regard, the Ministry of Urban Development and Land has transferred 11,072 jeribs (2214.4 hectares) of land to the Industrial Sector.

The land which has been transferred to build industrial parks, includes; 1,000 jeribs (200 hectares) of land in Faryab, 2,000 jeribs (400 hectares) in Kunduz, 1,000 jeribs (200 hectares) in Herat, 1,000 jeribs (200 hectares)  in Ghazni, 1000 jeribs (200 hectares)  in Paktia, 1000 jeribs (200 hectors)  in Nangarhar, 894 jeribs (178.8 hectares) in Herat, 500 jeribs (100 hectares) in Logar, 400 jeribs (80 hectares) in Khost, 200 jeribs (40 hectares) in Maidan Wardak, 75 jeribs (15 hectares) in Kandahar, and 3 jeribs (0.6 hectares) of land for building liquid gas plant in Baghlan.

Moreover, the Ministry of Urban Development and Land has constructed 4 residential towns, in Hairatan-Balkh, Asqalan-Kunduz, Behsud-Nangarhar, and Shakar Dara-Kabul. Furthermore, the construction of residential towns in Andkhoe-Faryab, Aqacha-Jawzjan, Shekh Mesri-Nengarhar, Botkhak-Kabul, new city of Bamyan and residential towns in Herat and Logar are under construction.

Acting Minister of Urban Development and Land

1 month 2 weeks ago

We hold ourselves accountable to our God, the Muslim nation and our country, and we consider it our duty to work for urban development, economic and social development and environmental protection. We are committed and have begun our efforts to transform the Ministry of Urban Development and Land into a service and responsive ministry that will always work for the implementation of development and welfare projects and provide transparency, incentives and employment opportunities in this area.

Mr. Hamdullah Nomani