Hashmat Nasiri Biography

Mr. Hashmat Nasiri is born on 27/04/1984 in an intellectual and religious family in Khair Khana of Kabul city. Mr. Nasiri has three children and his genesis is traced back to Shakar Dara district of the province.
Mr. Nasiri has completed his higher education in the area of journalism and public relations and has working background on higher positions of more than 15 years in relations and public awareness in different government offices, civil societies, private sector and donor offices. In the meantime, he has strived to institutionalize the public awareness system, arranging strategies and policies of public awareness, launching a national and local awareness campaign, elevating the capacity of government employees, civil societies and academic institutions.
Moreover, in part time, he is keeping his-self busy in activities such as charities, fund raising for poor class of the society and writing book and articles.
Furthermore, besides facing numerous misfortunes in his 35 years of life, he has constantly struggled for a better future.
In addition, he is talented, professional, hardworking, benevolent, well-mannered, polite and committed to the nation-state, national values and is an example for other youngsters in the country. 
Additionally, Mr. Nasiri is currently the Director of Information and Public Relations and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL, during his tenure he has so far successfully fulfilled his responsibilities in elevating the public awareness and ministry’s activities.
Mr. Nasiri has command of both national languages, Pashto and Dari, and at the same time of the English.