Educational Sector




As per the instruction of President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, construction of 2700 schools in the year of 2019 has been started in 17 provinces in the country, and the role of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land is, assessment and selection of suitable land, consolidation of property rights, and exchange and transfer of land.

In addition, to the mentioned figure, the Ministry of Urban Development and Land has started 100 schools through the pre-fabricated construction factory. The work has been completed by 75 percent, which will be soon operationalized. Moreover, 990 jeribs (198 hectors) of land has been moved to the Ministry of Education.

Subsequently, the topographical survey work of 113 teachers’ town, details plan visa of 105 teachers’ and the design of 94,098 plats for the accommodation of teachers has been completed in 51,716 jeribs (10,343.2 hectares) of the area. Moreover, 74,000 of residential plats have been distributed to teachers in 28 provinces of the country. In addition, it is supposed that 4 residential towns for teachers will be inaugurated in, Pol Alam-Logar, Behsud-Nengarhar, Khak Jabar-Kabul and Kajaran district of Daikundi.