Darulaman Administrative Complex Programme




The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has begun the process of building administrative complexes in the country in order to provide quick, easy, transparent and sustainable services to its citizens. 

Ministry of Urban Development and Land through the Darulaman Administrative Complex Programme, at first step, started the process of building the administrative complex of all Kabul government institutions with the highest standards of engineering in the Darulaman area, such as the Darulaman Office Complex in a total area of ​​100 hectares with 31 administrative buildings, 18 ministries, 10 independent offices and 3 state-owned banks are being built in a fundamental and modern way.

The construction work of Darulaman Administrative Complex was started in 2018 and the construction work will be completed and operationalized within three years. Upon completion of this infrastructure project, the level of coordination between government sectors institutions has been strengthened, and a decent work space for employees, and easy, stable and transparent services will be provided to the citizens.