Cultural, Historical and Social Sector




Reparation and reconstruction of historical sites from the perspective of preserving the historical authenticity and the cultural and artistic texts of previous generations, is different from other construction matters, the process of studying and documenting is considered essential by preserving the symbol of ancient history and inclining the authentic identity of the life of the past to the generations of today and tomorrow.

The Ministry of Urban Development and Land is repairing and reconstructing 47 historical sites, the mosque, and center for social and cultural affairs has started, hence the work of 7 historical sites are in process which includes reparation and reconstruction of Pol Kheshti mosque and Bagh Bala palace in Kabul, Haram Srai in Kandahar, Herat mosque and constructing of the memorial Flag on Wazir Akbar Khan hill, cemetery of parliament martyrs in Kabul, and the construction of the mosque of holy Herqa in Badakhshan is under work, which will be completed soon. Consequently, 9 projects of reparation and reconstruction of historical sites in different provinces of the country are soon to be finished. Moreover, 8 projects are in the phase of studying, designing and planning.