Afghanistan Land Pricing Information System (ALPIS)

برنامه قیمت گذاری



The Afghanistan Land Pricing Information System was established in 2018 to determine the minimum land prices of private and state-owned land and property. The aims of this project are; implementation of the national land policy, the collection of land prices and state-owned and private property in lease, mortgage and sale transactions, access to information in the design and implementation of policies and economic planning, reduction of administrative corruption in land transactions And property, increasing national revenues and attracting private sector investment.

The program's practical work began in late 2018, and so far, 28,700 samples of land and property prices including fares, mortgages, and the sale of personal and government assets have been collected, of which approximately 20,000 are registered land properties. In the next step, by conducting scientific workshops, the collected data will be analyzed and then available online.